Your Digital Footprint

We have a lot of experience in the digital world and can help with website design, social media strategy, press, press releases, advertising and can give insights and help with marketing.

Website Design

Do you have a website? Is it the right website for you and your business and is it secure? These are all things that we asses and help with.

Social Media

We all need to do better on social media, but having the time to make it work for your business can be impossible. We can help you create a digital presence and help you implement a  strategy to ensure you stay on top.


With so many different ways to advertise, picking the right platform for your product can be overwhelming. We can help guide you on what will work best for your business and how to get the best bang for your buck. 


The dark arts of marketing! Why does something work for someone else and not for you? We can help you take step back from your product and placement, help you identify the right target market and work with you to implement a marketing strategy that’s right for you!